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About Pulse Perm Sensor

Feature of Pulse Perm Sensor

How to use Pulse Perm Sensor

A motion of only one magnet makes it output to pulse perm sensor

Pulse Perm Sensor and magnet
By combining Pulse Perm Sensor and magnet(s), the sensor is applicable to various things.

Detection of linear motion
Detection of a reciprocating motion
Detection of rotational movement

*The Pulse Perm Sensor and Pulse Perm Wire are registered trademarks of Nikkoshi Co. Ltd.

In 1974, J.R. Wiegand invented wiegand wire in USA.
We improve, manufacture and sell it as the name of "Pulse Perm Sensor(PPS)".

Example of application of Pulse Perm Senor

・Gas meter
・Non-contact switch
・Rotational sensor
・Flow meter
・Liquid drop sensor
・Linear motion sensor
・Wind speedmeter
・Vibration sensing switch
・Security system
・Door switch
・FA system
・Water level meter

Feature of Pulse Perm Sensor

No pwer supply is required
 It is the compound magnetic wire sensor that using Large Barkhausen Effect.
Pulse output
  Output signals are unrelated to exteral magnetic field.
Simple composition and
  The detector coil is arranged in perimeter part of Pulse Perm Wire.
  Operating temperature range: -40 degree Centigrade to 120 degree Centigrade.
Types capable of operating at even higher temperatures are also being developed.

Principle of Pulse Perm Sensor

大バルクハウゼンジャンプ1 The mimetic diagram of Pulse Perm Sensor and the rotator which attached the magnet with a reverse polarity by turns are used, the theory of operation of the sensor is explained. Pulse Perm Sensor is a compound magnetic wire (The magnetic property distribution in the wire is dual structure. The outside is a soft magnetism layer and the inside is a hard magnetism layer. "Pulse Perm Wire"). It has a configuration which has arranged the detector coil around the wire.
大バルクハウゼンジャンプ2 Rotator rotates and the reversed external magnetic field around the sensor becomes strong.

大バルクハウゼンジャンプ3 If the reversed external magnetic field exceeds a fixed value, the Large Barkhausen Jump which the magnetizing direction of the outside of a magnetic wire reverses at a stretch will happen. A coil detects the magnetic field change at this time as pulse voltage. At this time, fixed pulse voltage is related always generated at the change rate of an external magnetic field. Chattering does not generate the magnetic field change of slow speed which will change only once on the first, either.

Example of the DC resistance value of a detector coil
150ohm ±10%
Example of a pulse output
5v or more, half-value width: 2 microseconds


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